A Quick Introduction

A Quick Introduction

Hi! I thought I should launch our new Happy Tails blog by introducing myself!

I’m Morgan - I’m the owner of Happy Tails Hampers, as well as : the product sourcer, the packer, the social media manager, the photographer, the customer service team and everything in between! I’m 22 years old and live with my Mum, partner and our dog - Oscar!

(Credit where credit’s due if I’m overly-busy my partner Narcis also assists with tasks like packing and shipping orders)

Prior to launching Happy Tails, I was working as a social media manager and freelance photographer. As much as I enjoyed doing this (and still do enjoy working as a photographer seasonally), it wasn’t fulfilling. I wasn’t excited to go to work, nor was I passionate about what I was doing. I took a long, hard, think about what I was passionate about : dogs, my creativity and photography. I have since continued my freelancing for photography, and set up HTH because of my passion for dogs!

Why a hamper business rather than a harness one you may ask? When we got Osc, we would visit so many different stores and order from several online places - just for his basic needs (food, treats, toys, enrichment). This got 10x harder when we discovered his several allergies. I wanted to create a place where pet owners could shop for healthier, natural, options for their dogs in terms of treats, as well as all the different types of enrichment and themed toys which are so hard to find in stores!

I now run HTH full-time and have expanded hugely since I first launched in March 2022! Can’t wait to continue growing in 2023 and expanding further!

If there’s any particular topics you’d like me to cover in a blog post - drop me a message on @happytailshampers on Instagram!

Happy New Year,


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