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100g Beetroot Powder Supplement

100g Beetroot Powder Supplement

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Beetroot powder is a great supplement to add to your dogs daily diet! This superfood is packed full of vitamins and minerals which can greatly improve your dogs health. The great thing about this supplement is it's in powder form and 100% beetroot rather than canned beetroot which has added sodium which can be harmful to dogs.

- Contains magnesium, fibre, folate & potassium which are all great for keeping your dogs coat & skin healthy. This is beneficial for dogs who suffer from fur loss.
- Includes iron which is great for cardiovascular health, perfect for dogs with heart murmurs or general heart and blood vessel problems.
- Includes vitamin C which can help improve vision for dogs who are suffering from the disadvantages of old age.

Daily Dosage:
Small/Medium Breeds: 1/2 teaspoon
Large Breeds: 1 teaspoon

If your dog is on any other medication, always consult your vet before adding to their diet.

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